What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a comparison tool from Google and search results are shown with standard text ads. Google Shopping ads contain an image, price and the ads have become increasingly prominent at the search result page (SERP).

Google Shopping

Google Shopping has boomed in recent years. Google Shopping has taken up more and more space in the Google SERPs and this is still increasing. This offers many sales opportunities and Digital Wizards has achieved proven results for our customers. We are happy to help web shops on their way by setting up Google Shopping or improving existing campaigns. 

What do you need for Google Shopping?

Before you can advertise in Google Shopping you need four things first:

  1. A clear strategy for which products you want to display and which target-CPA you wish to achieve.
  2. A data feed containing the products and information on which you want to advertise. Ideally managed from a data feed manager, so you can easily enrich your articles with available data.
  3. A Google Ads account where you can build your Google Shopping campaigns. This can, of course, be an existing Google Ads account in which you manage text ads and Display campaigns.
  4. A Google Merchant account where you load your data feed and in which your web store is verified by Google.

Challenges Google Shopping

Compared to standard text ads in Google Ads, Google Shopping has a fairly high entry threshold in terms of knowledge and experience. A lot of online marketers aren’t able to get the most out of Google Shopping, as a result, ROI-targets are not achieved and Google Shopping is not profitable.

Luckily, Digital Wizards knows the PPC-profession like no other and we are happy to put Google Shopping campaigns online for your company. For this, we first have a kick-off meeting, so that we get to know what kind of goals there are and which products should or should not be shown in Google Shopping.

Sounds good?

Do you want to start with Google Shopping or do you want to make more out of your existing campaigns? Digital Wizards knows how! Do you want to know more about how we work or do you want to know how we can help you?

While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, we will examine exactly what your wishes are and where there are opportunities to grow. With our experience, know-how, and A to Z services we can assist you with the best advice and support.