New website Duojob


Digital Wizards-founder Hans Boersma wanted to employ a refugee. He searched for a long time, but couldn’t find anyone. He also didn’t know where he should start the search to find a refugee who was looking for work. There was no such platform that connected employers en refugees. Boersma wanted to help these two parties. He created the platform Duojob in August 2019, an online platform that connects employers and refugees. On Duojob, refugees can find paid jobs, internships and volunteering jobs.


Duojob is a new initiative by Digital Wizards. Before, Digital Wizards only built websites for clients, where a meeting was set up to discuss their wishes. However, Duojob is a Digital Wizards initiative. The website has to offer a contribution to society and thus is not commercial. This requires a different way of working.

Thorough research and tight co-operation

A team of professionals was put together to lead the project. Thorough research was done into the background information of refugees and the possibilities for them to work in the Netherlands. Which rules are there? And what do refugees have to do before they can get to work? Apart from that, there was a tight co-operation with Stichting Vluchtelingenwerk Amstelland (SVA). This is an organisation that helps refugees integrate in the Netherlands and helps them get a job. SVA provided us a lot of information to make Duojob as complete as possible. Next to that, SVA knows like no one else what the wishes and neccesities of the refugees are.

Thorough keyword research was carried out as well, in order to fill the menu’s and content on the websites with words that are prominent in search engines. By doing this, Duojob improves its findability in search engines.

Building the website Duojob

After that the team began building the WordPress-website Duojob. It’s important that the platform is easily accessible for refugees and employers. That’s why the team chose to create seperate pages for refugees and employers. Easy language was used on the website to make the content as understandible as possible for refugees.

Duojob integrated special features for employers to place vacancies and refugees to place their resumes. It’s important for the design of the platform to be accessible and streamlined, to make everything easily findable. This is important for Duojob as that’s what they’re all about: helping people!


Within a couple of weeks Digital Wizards succeeded in creating a well-functioning website with a highly aesthetic design. With help of SVA, several interviews with refugees were set up and their tragic and fascinating stories have been posted on the website. The platform has great content which has been SEO-optimised. This makes the website easily findable on several search engines. We, as Digital Wizards, hope that Duojob can help a lot of refugees in the future to find a job in the Netherlands. In this way, refugees can feel at least a little at home here!

What we did

  • WordPress development.
  • Fill content and create pages
  • Keyword Research.
  • Designing logo and style.
  • Support in going live.


  • Created a platform for refugees.
  • Got national media coverage.
  • Carried out interviews with refugees and placed these on the website.