Success case! Turnover more than doubled (150% growth): Crosslighter


Where Crosslighter still had a “first movers advantage” until 2017, 2018 was different. The plasma lighter, the product with which Crosslighter had wild success with, has now also been sold by competing parties. It was time for Crosslighter to engage Digital Wizards and increase sales.

Our Tasks

1. Numbers tell the tale

That’s why we start with web analytics activiteis. Is everything (technically) well designed and do we have enough data for the analysis? During the first growth opportunities audit of Crosslighter, it was noted that there was no e-commerce data in Google Analytics at all. To know where your turnover comes from, this is of course crucial. The first step we took was to enter the e-commerce data into Google Analytics. The Google Analytics account was also given a new design.

2. To sort out SEO 

Especially in a competitive market, it is important to optimize your traffic channels. Before you spend money on paid channels, you first focus on organic search results. Here we have redesigned everything from the ground. This included:
  • Link Sitemap to Google Search Console and further set up Google Search Console.
  • Write Meta descriptions and Page Titles.
  • Set up H1 and H2 structure.
  • Write SEO content for product categories and articles.

These were too short-term solutions. There are many more opportunities to grow on the “roadmap” that we are going to tackle in the run-up to Q4 2019. Consider the loading time of the landing page, which has become an increasingly important ranking factor for your ad position. Another growth opportunity is writing better SEO texts, so that relevance and findability improve.

3. Feed management

Crosslighter did not yet have a source feed available and Digital Wizards has made a data feed available with the plug-in “WOO Feed”. Via this source feed, it is possible to make product data available in an automatic file that looks like an Excel file. This source feed is linked to the data feed tool Channable and further enriched with feed rules. There was no color option and this is an important field for Google Shopping. We have put “color” in the product details and this has been added with feed lines.

4. Google Ads restructure 

In addition to adding Google Shopping as an additional campaign, we have made many more fundamental changes for pay-per-click (PPC). For example, the language zone was set to U.S. time and this resulted in a considerable discrepancy of the turnover/costs per day. With great difficulty, this was returned to our time zone via Google Ads support. The Google Ads account was – when we got access to the account – only set up with one campaign containing two ad groups. There were only two variations of the advertisements and no optimizations were made at the keyword and bidding level.

With a continuous PPC support, there is room for observations throughout the year, hypotheses and testing. With Crosslighter this is – due to the huge peak in Q4 and the non-existent demand in the rest of the year – not possible. This makes it wise to immediately apply the opportunities to grow and to optimize them per day or week. With this the costs do not get out of hand (loser) or you do not miss a profitable turnover (winner).

5. Display Advertising (testing)

If you hear display advertising, you may think of expensive branding campaigns that do not achieve e-commerce results below the line. During the current campaign in Q4 we have set up a number of fun tests. One campaign involved retargetting visitors with a certain “interaction” through various variations of expressions. In addition, we have also successfully used a new type of display campaign from Google Ads. This campaign worked out well in terms of “Target CPA” and we will certainly use it again in 2019.

Opportunities to grow 2019

In 2019 there is still a lot of work to be done for Crosslighter. For example, we will work with Crosslighter on the website. The website is not yet ideal in terms of both technology and SEO findability. While keeping SEO-content in mind, we will look at texts that we should definitely have, but we will also focus on other content. In fact, we will use the period up to Q4 2019 to expand upon the established base so paid traffic will have an even bigger effect. Although the turnover in Q4 2018 increased by 150% (YOY), there is still room for improvement. Together with Crosslighter, we have set the goal of improving by at least 20-30% from 2018. It will be another ‘booming’ year!

Google Shopping

Google Shopping has expanded enormously in recent years in terms of reach and potential revenue. This was a chance for Crosslighter to seize with both hands. And indeed. It gave a huge boost to sales. Google Shopping accounted for almost 6% of the revenue in Q4 and this revenue would otherwise – except for a small part – not have gone to Crosslighter.

This is what we did:

  • SEA
  • SEO
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Analytics


  • Better findability
  • Good e-commerce data in Google Analytics
  • 150% growth in turnover

"In the fourth quarter of 2018 (Q4), Digital Wizards managed to achieve 150% growth for Crosslighter with a broad online marketing strategy. Again they stood out above everyone else!"

Digital Wizards

"Clear understanding of business and at all times good communication!"