Success case! Turnover more than doubled (150% growth): Crosslighter


Where Crosslighter still had a “first movers advantage” up until 2017, 2018 created a different story. Competing parties have started the sale of the plasma lighter, the product with which Crosslighter has had wild success. It was time for Crosslighter to start working with Digital Wizards and increase sales.

Our Tasks

1. Numbers tell the story

Measuring is knowing and that’s why we almost always start with Web Analytics activities. Is everything (technically) properly set up and are we getting enough data to do proper analyses? After mapping out the opportunities for growth for the first time in an audit, it was remarked that there was no e-commerce data present in Google Analytics. In order to know where your turnover originates from, Google Analytics needs to be set up in a proper manner. Logically, the first step we took was setting up the e-commerce data in Google Analytics. In addition to that, we restructured the whole Google Analytics account.

2. Bringing SEO up to speed 

It’s important to optimize your traffic channels, especially in a very competitive market. Before splashing cash on paid channels, it’s important to focus on organic search results. In SEO we built everything from the ground up. This included:
  • Linking the sitemap to Google Search Console and further set up Google Search Console.
  • Writing meta descriptions and page titles.
  • Setting up H1 and H2 structure.
  • Write SEO content for product categories and articles.

However, these were short-term solutions. There exist a lot more opportunities to grow for Crosslighter, which we will capatilize upon leading up to Q4 of 2019. An example of these opportunities are the page speed of the landing page, which have proven to become more and more important factor for ranking your website in Google. Another growth opportunity is writing better SEO texts, in order to improve relevance and findability.

3. Feed management

Crosslighter did not have a source feed available to them yet and Digital Wizards created this data feed using the plug-in ‘WOO Feed’. This data feed can be used to automatically create a clear overview of the product details, which looks like an Excel-file. This source feed is implemented in Channable, a data feed tool.

In addition to that, Digital Wizards added ‘feed rules’ to the source feed. There was no option to filter by color, which is an important option in Google Shopping. We added ‘color’ to the product details and it was added to the source feed using these ‘feed rules’.

4. Restructuring Google Ads  

In addition to adding Google Shopping as an additional campaign, we have made many more fundamental changes for pay-per-click (PPC). For example, the language zone was set to U.S. time and this resulted in a considerable discrepancy of the turnover/costs per day. With great difficulty, this was returned to our time zone via Google Ads support. The Google Ads account was – when we got access to the account – only set up with one campaign containing two ad groups. There were only two variations of the advertisements and no optimizations were made at the keyword and bidding level.

With a continuous PPC-account, there is room for observations, creating hypotheses and carrying out tests throughout the year. For Crosslighter this however is not possible due to the huge peak in Q4 and the absence of demand in the rest of the year. Due to this situation, it’s best to immediately capitalize on opportunities to grow and optimize the account every day or every week.

5. Display Advertising (testing)

When you hear the word Display Advertising, you might think about those expensive branding campaigns that don’t generate any results in the end. During an ongoing campaign in Q4, we did some interesting tests. One campaign was about retargeting visitors that carried out a certain interaction. Next to that, we also managed to successfully implement a new display campaign in Google Ads. This campaign gave us good results regarding Target CPA.

Opportunities to grow in 2019

There is a lot of work to be done for Crosslighter in 2019. First of all, we will work on the website together. It’s not perfect yet when looking at technique as well as SEO-findability. We will generate an overview of which texts we definitely need to add, when looking at SEO-content, but we’ll also focus on other types on content. We will use the period leading up to Q4 2019 to expand upon the basis we created, to make sure that using paid traffic has an even bigger effect. Together with Crosslighter we set the target to achieve at least 20-30% more turnover in 2019 compared to 2018. It’s going to be another ‘booming’ year!

Google Shopping

Google Shopping has expanded enormously in recent years in terms of reach and potential revenue. This was a chance that Crosslighter just had to take. And indeed, it did give a huge boost in sales. Google Shopping accounted for almost 6% of the revenue in Q4 and this revenue would otherwise – except for a small part – not have gone to Crosslighter.

This is what we did:

  • SEA
  • SEO
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Analytics


  • Better online findability
  • Proper e-commerce data in Google Analytics
  • 150% growth in turnover

"In the fourth quarter of 2018 (Q4), Digital Wizards managed to achieve 150% growth for Crosslighter with a broad online marketing strategy. Again they stood out above everyone else!"

Digital Wizards

"Clear understanding of business and at all times good communication!"