Digital Marketing advice for martial arts webshop


The Martial Arts market is incredibly competitive and Aikipro asked Digital Wizards to maximize their revenue and exposure with a limited budget.


Digital Wizards has helped Aikipro with:
– Creating a SEO strategy: which categories and articles do we want to rank in at least the top 3?
– Design and development of a new PPC-structure based on a previously conducted keyword research.
– Guiding English-language translations for, the international version of the webshop.
– Setting up a data feed link with Channable, and starting Google Shopping campaigns for Dutch- and English-speaking people in Germany and France.

This is what we did

  • SEO
  • SEA
  • Google shopping


  • Increased online findability
  • Increased online revenue

"Digital Wizards helped us get the most out of new channels. Especially Google Shopping helped in getting more exposure and ultimately revenue."