A new WordPress website for Aikido Kennemerland 


Aikido Kennemerland is an Aikido association that has two location in Noord-Holland. Aikido is a Japanese martial art wherein Aikidoka’s use the power of the opponent. The movement looks dynamic and flashy, but at the same time there is enough room for silence and harmony – the ‘Ai’ in Aikido stands for harmony in fact. Aikido Kennemerland’s website was outdated and didn’t properly represent ‘Aikido’ as it should be represented.


Digital Wizards mapped Aikido Kennemerland’s wishes during a kick-off session and developed those into Wireframes. There were a lot of different features that had to get a prominent spot on the new website:
-Business creating elements like video’s, great photos and a clear explanation for new members.
-Information about Aikido: Aikido Kennemerland wants to play an exemplary role for Aikido in Noord-Holland.
-Exam requirements, calendar and other important information for existing members.

After mapping all the wishes, Digital Wizards designed and created a new WordPress-website.

This is what we did:

  • Wireframe
  • Web design
  • WordPress Development


  • Faster website loading time
  • Better online findability

"After struggling with our old website for 5 years, we are very happy with our new and improved website!"

Aikido Kennemerland