Search Engine Optimization: SEO

Do you want to rank higher on Google with your website? Or does it seem like your organic traffic just doesn’t work out? Digital Wizards has a lot of experience with improving websites, texts and website authority with the ultimate target of improving SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) encapsulates the optimizing of a website to make sure that a website gathers more visitors from search engines like Google and Bing. To achieve this, multiple internal and external factors of the website have to be optimised. 

3 SEO-pillars

1. Technique
A website that loads quickly, has a clear (internal) link structure and is easily indexable for robots.

2. Authority
A diverse and extensive link profile of a website that links to your website. Ideally, backlinks within the same context of your website with high domain authority.

3. Content
Relevant and valuable content for users of your website. Content with a clear context with clear titles and descriptions.

How to improve your SEO?

Do you want to attract more traffic to your website? Do you have the idea that there are problems with the findability of your website? To get SEO in order, it is important to look at the three most important aspects of SEO:

1. SEO-Technique

SEO-technique is primarily about the texts that are displayed in the search engine. The title and meta description are important for this, but also the Robots.txt file. This file gives instructions to the search engine and tells it which pages of your website to ‘crawl’. Are your redirects not working or is your page speed very low? These are all factors that limit your SEO-results.

2. SEO-Authority

Another thing that is very important in SEO is the authority. Domain Authority is seen as a very important component when it comes to authority. The amount of (relevant) links is what determines this authority. The more (relevant) links from other pages refer to your website, the higher your Domain Authority will be.

3. SEO-Content

Another SEO technique has to do with content. It’s important to avoid Duplicate Content on your website. This happens when the same texts are on different pages of your website. By using a canonical tag, you can tell the search engine what the original URL of a page, so there is no duplicate content. Next to that, you need good and extensive texts that tells the visitor something about your service or product.

Outsourcing your SEO?

In the most ideal situation, these three SEO aspects are in balance and your website will have a high position in Google’s search results. SEO requires a long breath, unlike, for example, search engine advertising (SEA), where you immediately get extra (paid) traffic to your website. Optimizing SEO takes a lot of time and knowledge, but with the right effort your traffic will grow organically within considerable time because you rank higher and more relevant.

SEO Keywords Research

Higher rankings in search engines or a logical menu structure for your website? Thorough Keywords Research for SEO offers a data-based overview. Website traffic stands or falls with a good SEO structure, and to get this right you need insight into the terms that people are looking for.

SEO Keyword Research


Do you want to better inform users on your website? Have you been planning to further expand product descriptions on your website for months? Everyone who owns a webshop or manages a website runs into the same point: writing texts takes time, much time. We often stick to a simple paragraph, but there are often more topics that can be explained to users.


Sounds good?

Get more organic visitors to your website with SEO? Digital Wizards can help! Do you want to know more about how we approach SEO or how we can support your project?

While enjoying a cup of coffee (or tea), we examine exactly what your wishes are and where there are still SEO opportunities. With our extensive experience and A to Z services, we assist you with advice and support.

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