Aren’t you able to figure out your online marketing? Digital Wizards would like to help you figure it out! Multiple companies in the Netherlands aren’t capatilising on their chances and maybe your company isn’t either! Wrongfully set-up and/or too expensive PPC-campaigns, bad set-up of data in Google Analytics and bad organic findability on Google are just some examples of mistakes you might not realise you make. These are the examples we hear about often and the ones we can help you with!

“Do you want to double your revenue in only a couple of months time? That’s possible! Check out our digital marketing approach for webshop Crosslighter.”

Digital marketing audit

To be sure that your digital marketing is checking all the boxes, we offer a free audit worth €250,-. In this audit we check all the vital points of digital marketing on your website. We check, for example:

Web Analytis

Is your company using Google Analytics? Is the set-up of the account logical when it comes to structure and is the data handled well? With our Web Analytics experience we can give  the answers to these questions and give an overview of the current state of your website.


How is your website doing compared to those of your direct competitors? Are important elements like titles and meta descriptions custom written? SEO is very important to drive organic traffic to your website with the search terms you want to be found for. We check the most important points and will come to a quick conclusion. Next to that, we also construct the first ideas for a keyword research, which is directly applicable to PPC-campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Do you want to, in addition to good SEO-results, increase your findability in Google Ads?  Does it seem like your current digital marketing agency isn’t making the most of your budget? Digital Wizards has a lot of PPC-experience. With our LEAN way of working we can increase profits, but also keep on optimising the campaigns using opportunities reports. With this we can make sure that the most is made of your budget on the short and long term. No more worries needed!

Planning your digital marketing audit

Get in touch with us to make an appointment for you free digital marketing audit worth €250,-!

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