Outsourcing your PPC-campaigns?

Do you want help with getting to and staying at a prominent position on Google? There is no part of search engine advertising that Pay-Per-Click agency Digital Wizards doesn’t know. If you want to create a successful campaign and maximize your ROI, Digital Wizards is the agency that can help you.

What is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) includes buying advertising space on popular search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. The advertising space is purchased by bidding on specific search terms (keywords). By doing this, the advertiser pays per click on the advertisement. There are various options within PPC: 

1. With text ads, the advertiser chooses certain search terms in which the ad can be displayed. These terms are divided into ad groups. If a user uses a search term from a certain ad group, the ad will be displayed. 

2. Google Shopping: Google Shopping ads are product advertisements shown which are submitted to Google by the advertiser.  This way the consumers find the products they are looking for. 

3. Display Ads: Display ads show photos or text in the form of an advertisement on one of the websites that are linked to the Google advertising network. Relevant search terms also play the main role here.

4. Video-ads: Video ads are mainly shown on YouTube. 

5. Gmail-ads: These email ads are displayed on Google’s own mail service; Gmail. 

Depending on your goals and wishes, we apply a mix of these five advertising options. 

Developing the PPC-strategy

Before PPC can be outsourced and Digital Wizards starts the process, it’s important to have goals in mind and establish them. Do you want to make people aware of your brand or newest product? Do you want to receive more leads or does e-commerce have the highest priority for your organization? In a kick-off session, we investigate the feasibility of your goals and together we determine KPIs and targets. Based on this ‘opportunity scan’, we make a successful PPC strategy with the right bids and content for the right target group with the right keywords.


Keyword research done?
Campaign structure thought out?
Budgets and target CPA’s established?

After setting up PPC campaigns in Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, it really starts. Digital Wizards is – depending on the size of your account – working on optimizations on a daily or weekly basis.

How do you stay informed as a customer of your successes? By creating monthly reports and real-time dashboards you always have insight into the latest results.

Determine PPC-budget

For companies that are just starting with Online Marketing, it can be quite daunting to free up a budget for Google Ads. Digital Wizards has a lot of PPC experience at large companies, but also with starting up new PPC accounts. Especially in the beginning it is advisable to start small and to achieve small successes. These successes can be used internally to demonstrate that PPC is profitable.

PPC at Digital Wizards

Optimize your findability; Digital Wizards has the knowledge and tools to make this possible for your organization. Our specialists are all Google Ads Certified: PPC consultants who interpret, manage and optimize your campaign. Our starting point is to make your organization visible in all phases of the customer journey of your potential client.

“Do you want help with getting and maintaining a prominent position within Google?”

Benefits of PPC

Having the PPC of a website perfectly set up has several advantages. One is that it creates more traffic on the website. You ensure that you can be found on the internet for more people, which can be good for your web shop. You also have a huge potential range with Google, since 90% of the Netherlands uses Google. PPC is also perfect for remarketing. With this, you reach people who have previously shown an interest in your product and would, therefore, be more inclined to buy.

What can we do?

Digital Wizards has a lot of experience in the field of PPC. Google Ads and Bing Ads no longer hold any secrets for us. We can help with setting up your Google Ads account, creating successful campaigns and ensuring that the profit goes up. If the PPC  is perfectly set up, you will notice it quickly by the statistics. Digital Wizards ensures that your basic settings are correct, that optimizations are applied and that a monthly report is drawn up with the opportunities for growth within your organization.

PPC Keyword Research

Higher rankings in search engines or a logical campaign structure? A thorough PPC Keywords Research offers a data-based overview. Website traffic stands or falls with a profitable commitment from PPC. Digital Wizards has created its own PPC Keywords Research template so that we get the most out of your PPC campaigns.


Keyword research

Google Shopping

In recent years, Google Shopping has become very interesting for web stores. Not only does it provide extra exposure, Google Shopping also generates extra revenue with a good ROI. We are happy to help web shops on their way with setting up Google Shopping or improving existing campaigns.

Google Shopping

Sounds good?

The possibilities with Google Ads are endless, but there are at least as many pitfalls. Our certified Google Ads consultants know exactly how to make campaigns profitable.

While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, we examine what exactly your goals are for PPC and where there are still opportunities for growth. While you focus on other activities, the conversion figures are rising at a record pace.

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