Having a WordPress-website built

Having your new WordPress-website, a new webshop or a comprehensive platform built? Digital Wizards is the place to be. At Digital Wizards, an enthusiastic team of professionals is ready to have your new WordPress-website fully adapted to your wishes.

New WordPress website

We will start by having a kick-off meeting. In this meeting, we will set up a strategy to have your website fully adapted to your wishes – within your personal budget. We do everything that is needed for your website: from advice regarding your menu to filling your website with your content. You can fully trust our craftsmanship and our years of experience in building WordPress-websites.

What can you expect from us?

Digital Wizards always strives to deliver the best possible result for your WordPress-website. Whether you want a simple website or a fully custom-made website, everything’s possible at Digital Wizards. Next to that, we’re specialised in digital marketing. Your WordPress-website won’t just look good, it will also have great online findability due to our knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO). Pages within your new WordPress website will not only be found well due to SEO, but also serve as good landing pages for Pay-Per-Click (PPC), also known as paid keyword campaigns.


We offer

  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Webshops
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Support and Maintenance

WordPress-websites Digital Wizards has made

Digital Wizards has created WordPress-websites for several companies. Digital Wizards has made WordPress-websites for Kwekkboom, Crosslighter and Fact Based. Websites weren’t only created for commercial companies, but Digital Wizards also created WordPress-websites for non-profit organizations. Digital Wizards created the refugee platform Duojob, a platform where refugees can find a job in the Netherlands.

“Budget, personalization and the deadline decide the way in which we will build a WordPress website for your organization.”

Web Development Process

To build a website that is perfectly in line with your organization, we work with a set routine:

  • Step 1. Briefing

    Using a detailed list of questions, we make an overview of the wishes of your organization. In this phase we ask for input to fully cater the website to the client’s wishes.

  • Step 2. Design ideas

    To test which colors and designs are satisfactory, we create a look book with design ideas. These design ideas offer a good start for the wireframe and design phase.

  • Step 3. Wireframe/Design phase

    In this phase we draft a ‘blueprint’ to help set out the website structure and map the most important pages.

  • Step 4. Development phase

    When the client has agreed on the Wireframes, the development phase can be started.

  • Step 5. Soft launch

    The website is published on a Digital Wizards subdomain and the website becomes editable.

  • Step 6. Hard launch

    Is all the content properly on the website? ✓
    Everything ready for a good online findability (SEO)? ✓
    Are Google Tag manager, Google Analytics and other digital marketing tools set up properly (PPC)? ✓

    Yes, your website can go live!

Sounds good?

Having an affordable website online quickly or creating a fully custom-made WordPress website: Digital Wizards will help you out. Do you want to know more about how we work or how we can support your project?

While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, we will examine exactly what your wishes are and where there are opportunities to grow. With our experience, know-how, and A to Z services we can assist you with the best advice and support.