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A lot of Digital Wizards-founder Hans Boersma‘s family members own their own restaurant. Their restaurants offer delivery and take-away service. Most of the times, these services are offered by middlemen like Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo and Uber Eats. This sounds like a good partnership, but not everything is like it seems. These middlemen ask a lot of commission from the restaurants. Thuisbezorgd for instance, asks for at least 13% commission per order. Restaurant owners make little to no money from their orders and in some cases even lose money.

Boersma would love to help his family and other restaurant owners in the Netherlands. He thinks it’s absurd that restaurant owners have to provide the middlemen with so much commission, while they do nothing more than taking orders. To counter this, Boersma created Pizza Maffia. Consumers can see all the restaurants in their surroundings, and compare what they offer. After that, the consumer can place their order at the restaurant itself. All this is done with 0% commission, as Pizza Maffia is totally free! By doing this, Boersma hopes to end the ‘Maffia’-practices.


Pizza Maffia is a Digital Wizards initiative. In a normal scenario, websites are only built for clients, but this project is aimed at helping restaurant owners. Normally, a meeting is set up with the client to go through all their wishes, but this is a project at own initiative, which requires a different way of working.

Adding a lot of restaurants to the database

A team of professionals was put together to handle this project. A start was made at the local level. We took stock off all the restaurants in Amstelveen that had their own website that allowed ordering food. These retaurants were added to the database. This formed the base for Pizza Maffia.

A page was created with all Amstelveen-based restaurants that allow you to order food. After that, the database was expanded to a national level. As it is impossible to add all restaurants in the Netherlands manually, we chose to add the restaurants of the big chains in numerous Dutch cities, like Domino’s Pizza, New York Pizza and Spare Rib Express to the database. The idea behind it is that restaurant owners in the major cities end up adding their restaurant to the database themselves.

Apart from that, extensive keyword research was carried out to fill the menu’s and content with the major keywords that people search for on search engines. By doing this, Pizza Maffia will be easily findable on different search engines.

Building Pizza Maffia, the comparison website

The Digital Wizards team started working with the database on the WordPress-website Pizza Maffia. It’s important to make the comparison website userfriendly for the consumer. Every city in the database got its own page. This makes it easy for you to see an overview of all restaurants in your cities. You can also filter the restaurants according to the kind of food they offer, in order to easily find whatever you crave.

Special features have been implemented on Pizza Maffia which allows restaurant owners to add their own restaurants to the database. Every restaurant has their own page with the menu and their contact details. With those contact details, you can place an order on the restaurant’s website, or call through your order.


Within a few weeks Digital Wizards succeeded in creating a functioning website with a clear design and very user-friendly interface. Pizza Maffia has officially started the ‘war’ against the ‘middlemen’. Ordering food online has never been so fair, thanks to Pizza Maffia.

What we did

  • WordPress development.
  • Fill content and create pages.
  • Search Engine Optimalisation.
  • Logo- and webdesign.
  • Support in going live.


  • Beautiful new website that can compete with the existing powers.
  • More than 100 Dutch cities served.
  • Within less than 1.5 months a platform with more than 500 restaurants.

"With this new platform we can offer restaurant owners a new and free alternative."

Pizza Maffia