New website NewForrest


NewForrest is Kwekkeboom’s parent company and is marketed as a separate B2B label. After Kwekkeboom got the new website, NewForrest could not stay behind either. It was time to create a new website that met a number of wishes.

Wishes NewForrest

How do you present yourself as “the finger food specialist” and put yourself more clearly on the map as a potential cooperation partner for (inter)national food companies? By creating a new website which – thanks to the latest digital techniques – ensures that the visitor will crave further talks.

Approach new website

Partners who have previously helped build Kwekkeboom’s new website, Digital Wizards (project management) and Stuurlui were briefed to create a beautiful new website that:

  • Works well on mobile and is suitable for search engine optimization.
  • Radiates B2B, without it being at the expense of the feeling of the personal service that NewForrest offers.
  • Reflects the possibilities of production that explicitly shows the common goal: enjoying fingerfood together on beautiful occasions.
  • Reflects the core values of New Forrest.
  • Explains what Private Label means, without using too much simple language: after all, the target group consists of senior buyers.
New website live

The new NewForrest website has been online since Wednesday 8 May 2019. On the website, NewForrest shows why they are worth the title “the finger food specialist”. Tasteful presentations from the Kwekkeboom and Buitenhuis brands and both delicious and inspiring examples of their product concepts for Cheese classics and Veggie favorites.


By applying the latest digital techniques, the new NewForrest’s new website offers you an almost culinary experience, that looks as if the fingerfood and snacks could come out of your oven, airfryer or fryer.

The new website evokes appetite for food and it immediately gives you a glimpse into the company. You get to know the employees and see what NewForrest stands for and what drives them. When it comes to Private Label finger food, NewForrest is the party that can best take care of this.

Our work

  • Project management of the new website.
  • Creating Wireframes.
  • Content filling NL, DE & EN and compiling pages.
  • Search words Research and SEO-advice.
  • Guidance in going live and the aftercare.
  • Google Analytics advice.

Results achieved

  • New website online in three languages: NL, DE & EN.
  • Better online findability => substantial growth in SEO traffic
  • Extra measurements of events in Google Analytics.

"The new NewForrest website has been successful thanks to the combination of: beautiful finger food photos, input from NewForrest employees and B2B expertise."

Hans Boersma - Digital Wizards

"A very skilled online marketing agency! Digital Wizards is very enthusiastic and driven, where the demands and wishes of the customer come first"

Desmond Dijkgraaf - Newforrest