New website MI Match


For MI Match, a secondment concept within market research, Digital Wizards created a website in which supply and demand within market research can find each other. Commissioning parties can place orders, freelancers can put up their data and preferences. Blogs on the website allow freelancers to learn from the experiences of others.

MI Match was founded by Ewout Witte. Ewout wanted to create a platform in which freelancers and market research companies can find each other. Ewout knows how freelancers work in market research. Ewout is looking to supply people with services fit to them.

In an earlier stage, Ewout Witte allowed Digital Wizards to create the new website for Fact Based, an innovative market research company that primarily focuses on holidays, free time and mobility.


A completely new website had to be built for MI Match, that’s why the two parties started with an intake meeting. In this meeting, it became clear that the website had to be simple and clear. The design had to be straightforward, but attractive to the eye. On the website there had to be a clear divide between the different parties MI Match represents. Next to that, Digital Wizards carried out extensive keyword research. From this, the menu’s and content could be filled up with keywords that people regularly search for. This improves the findability of the webstie on all search engines.


Within a couple of weeks, Digital Wizards and MI Match created a very simple website with extensive content. MI Match’ website has great organic findability as the content has been optimised for Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO).

What we did

  • WordPress development.
  • Fill content and create pages.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Set up Google Analytics.
  • Support in going live.


  • Beautiful new website MI Match.
  • A high quality website content-wise within a few weeks.

“Digital Wizards heeft binnen no-time een mooie goed werkende website opgebouwd. Strak, overzichtelijk en gebruiksvriendelijk.”

Ewout Witte - MI Match