New website Kwekkeboom


For many years, Kwekkeboom worked with an outdated Joomla-website, that did not meet expectations anymore. The website was slow, it wasn’t easy to use and did not fit the premium image that Kwekkeboom has. Time to combine history, craftsmanship and online techniques and integrate those into a state-of-the-art website.


Before a new website could be built, there were some other steps to take first. First of all, Kwekkeboom needed to choose a Content Management System (CMS) that fit their wishes. When this was all set up, they could start looking at web builders.


Kwekkeboom wanted a CMS that, amongst other things, could be expandable with new features. Next to that, it had to be easy in use, to make sure that their own employees could work with the website after a short intstruction. Digital Wizards mapped these and other wishes in a CMS-requirements document. After consoling with Kwekkeboom, it was decided that WordPress would be the best CMS.

WordPress web builder selection

Digital Wizards compiled a list of 10 web builders for Kwekkeboom to choose from. The three that fit Kwekkeboom’s wishes the best were invited to do a pitch. Stuurlui ended up to be the web builders that offered the most. This web builder offered Kwekkeboom the ideal balance between design ideas and tackling this project in processes.

Requirements new website Kwekkeboom

Kwekkeboom set a number of requirements for their new website. The new site had to:

  • Refer to Kwekkeboom’s rich history.
  • Be attentive to the pure craftsmanship of the products.
  • Be a real visual experience for the visitor.
  • Inform and activate visitors.
  • Have a proper balance between design, content, and SEO.

Kwekkeboom, Digital Wizards and Stuurlui are very satisfied with how they created a website that on the one hand creates a real craving for ‘bitterballen’, but on the other hand is optimized for SEO. According to Kwekkeboom, we have succeeded in putting together a website that informs the visitor, inspires them and lets them experience the Kwekkeboom-feeling. “Read more about the new Kwekkeboom website at Emerce.

Our work

  • Drafting CMS requirements
  • Preselection WordPress web builders
  • Project management Wireframes and designs.
  • Content filling and compiling pages
  • SEO-advice
  • Google Analytics
  • Guiding going live and aftercare

Results achieved

  • Beautiful Nice new website Kwekkeboom
  • Better online findability => substantial growth in SEO traffic
  • Remarkable reduction in bounce rate, especially on mobile
  • Extra measurements of events in Google Analytics

“It's finished and the website looks so good, I could eat it!”

Arina Abbring - Kwekkeboom

”Great designs and features are now continuously alternated with SEO texts for an optimal balance”

Hans Boersma - Digital Wizards

”A very skilled online marketing agency! Digital Wizards is very enthusiastic and driven, where the demands and wishes of the customer come first. ”

Desmond Dijkgraaf - Kwekkeboom